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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 20, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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meantime, "mad money" with jim cramer starts at the top of the hour. my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you money. call me or tweet me feeling a little new high fatigue? tired of the stock market going
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up nasdaq advancing like big deal? >> that was easy. >> well, why the heck were bothering to watch our show? this is a period where many storings have been going up at once. always be mindful that you for all but the red-hot oil companies that i recommend of single night on this show. with that in mind, what's the game plan? next week like soen weeks start out with data overnight from china. this time this is the most the manufacturing mpi, this will what we'll be buzzing about. it's taking on greater and
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greater significant. the u.s. industrial stocks have been the jugger knots going into the end of the quarter. we need to start seeing some improvement, or these stocks may not have the fundamental underpinnings, as we start earnings season. a number north of 50 on this pmi, that keeps the moment fum going. old tech has been a fan tastic place to invest of late. and you can follow my chartable trust, and from the looks of the trading, the bulk of the selling might have concluded today. but the semiconductor portion has been the stand out. the biggest so far, spike ron.
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i think it will be a lights out quarter and the analysts will have to raise the revenues and -- >> house of pleasure. >> that's because the average selling price for the chips that they selling has been going ever higher, yet the estimates haven't kept up with those chip price increases. next up, who would have thought the ho-hum drugstore business would ever be so exciting? i've been behind all three major stocks in the sector that cvs, walgreens and rite-aid. all three have been big winners, though i freely acknowledge that rite-aid recently disappointed, got! and looks ugly. but i don't care. i want to buy that stock, but it is walgreens turn to tell the tale next tuesday. i believe it might announce a restructuring that could send the stock already up 30% for the year even higher. that's because the company is merging with the british ally
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at, and might be changing domiciles to be a lower tax rate. if w.a.g. goes brit, it should send it higher. wednesday we'll hear from two stocks that have a tendency to initially disappoint and then work their way right back into the good graces of wall street. general mills, enknown as generous mills on wall street, and monsanto. we've got a real crumby preannouncement from the competitor conagra this past week. that was hideous, but i think that was a combination is not the situation at general mills. i believe that gil have deliver a decent number and bounce back, and because the company always tells a good story about you year to come. monsanto, controversial. it's always heavily shorted, people betting against it,
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either bay they think it's super overvalued, because they look at it verse other agricultural plays, because someday they may get caught up in the fight of gmos, i think you need to think of it more as a biotech company than ag company. the contingent is a heck of a lot bigger than the anti-gmo player form the trajectory has straight up, and with quick dips that pause and refresh the equity, it's been working. we get that quick dip, i say take advantage of it. we also have a key analyst meeting on wednesday. i think this is going to be the most important event that occurs. this is the molson coors brewing meeting. those of you who have been watching cramer's cup all week, you know that i am a huge fan of the beer stocks. [ yelling ] >> goal! >> that morgan stanley took the
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highly unusual posture of going from sell to hold ahead of that meeting -- is that a great symb symbol, t.a.p., for a beer company? i don't always drink beer, but when i do, i prefer coors light, which makes me not all that interesting, but it sure has made you a lot of money if you ball the stock behind the beer, and next week could bring more good news for t.a.p. a thursday two more stocks that tend to be ham are on earnings, only to come back over time. accenture, the big consulting company and nike. accenture has come on strong lately. enterprise spending on technology has rebounded. i do look the stock ahead of the quarter, though there has been some quick departure -- quick drops and then comebacks. nike is tougher. nike is tough here. this is a stock that ran after the release of its earnings last quarter, only to be smashed right back down, and then some.
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when nike didn't raise estimates for the future. my charitable trust owns it. candidly, i admit that i'm nervous. i'm nervous going into the quarter. you know why? because the darned stock acts to horribly in what we call a great tape. it refuses to budge on even the best of days. that usually is not a good sign, so why not sell it? i don't know. let's think longer term. the growth here is so great we're holding on to it ahead of the quarter. firchlly on friday, when we get results from kb home, talk about not acting well. i'm truly struck by how this group simply street together. why? i think one of the main reasons is that it's still too different for most people to get a mortgage in this country. you have to have too high a credit rating, the standards are too high thanks to the excesses of the previous era, plus the lowest household formation, and many younger people owe so much
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debt on college tuition, they can't think about anything but renting. next week will also be a hot and heavy series. you might have heard bob pisani talking about it earlier this week, now, people on twitter at jim cramer are constantly asking me, if not carping, if they should be in this deals. go pro comes public times during the week. i need to know where the deal is priced, if they don't expand the deal at the last minute meeting add more shares and if they price it in the middle of the range as they did with the successful market deal yesterday you'll want to buy. if they yam? as much stock as possible, please take a pass, especially if you can't get in on the actual deal. here's the bottom line -- we are now in the homestretch of the quarter, hurtling through the first half of the year, barring a takeover of the oil fields in
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southern iraq, it would indeed send the national price of gasoline soaring to $5, i think we'll glide nicely through next week, once again use intraday sell offs like we seal to get every day, to pick up the stocks i've been recommending, including those soon tore covered in cramer's cup, which is coming up right after the break. let's take a call from robert in florida. robert? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, robert. >> caller: >> caller: i've been trying to get my dad to buy some -- i got in lower, and please help me convince him -- >> you want to go gt advanced technologies. it's been one of my favorite specks and i remain it reiterates it remains one of she
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specs. anise in georgia? >> caller: i was watching the stock shows the other day and a guest suggested emc. >> look, when we look at what some companies are saying about storage, it looks lie emc is doing better. it still remains not nigh favorite. why? a lot of companies are coming in, taking shot at emc. i don't know if their franchise will put -- is going to be able to deliver the growth that we need for me to recommend that stock. look, we're in the home strep of this quarter, and we've made it through the first happenr half of the year looking final. next week should be smooth enough, look at the selloffs to grab some stocks on your shopping list. on "mad money" tonight, the final competitor is in a smoking hot industry. the big business of marijuana, that's coming right up.
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from space travel to streaming music, the disruptor 50 list highlights what's coming up next. hey, you know what? i'm checking out a disruptor that's envisioning a brand-new food chain. with markets at our near all-time highs, plenty of stocks are heading higher. i've got the ones that could be breaking out, so stay with cramer. don't miss a second of "mad money." follow avmt jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail for or give us a call. missomething in head to
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holy cow, chevron is at 132? that's what i said last night when guests in our live audience asked me if tiffs time to ring the register on chevron at $132. cycle maybe into another oil. you know what i felt when i heard that question?
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i experienced sticker shock. a revelation that chevron had finally left behind a trading range it had been stuck in for almost a full year. i had known chevron as a stock that needed to be bought every time it dips below, and sold when it got to the high 120s. that trading made you a ton this year, and the strategy was perfect until it went over $130. we've been experiencing a sticker shock all over the place lately. for eight monies p.m. pg dalied in the 181, 90 area, then three weeks ago broke out of that range, hasn't looked back since. for example, have you seen the action in two of my longtanneding favorites? that's the big independent
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exploration product company, and union pacific, a railroad that ships a lot of oil and a lot of fracking sand? not only have they gone from creeping higher to galloping higher, but they split their stocks, making the prices even more unfathomable. they like the trading ranges like their old shoes. they don't want to try on a new pair. for many of these gray beards, it's broken out of the stock that's now too expensive. what we are seeing in so many of the oil and drug names, professionals are wisened and cynical. when they break breakouts, they say, oops, i missed that one. once a stock is consulted multiyear gains, as so many have been and blasted off they tend
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not to come back down, but individual investors are distinctly drawn to breakouts. many actually don't want to buy a stock until they see it break out from its previous range. they aren't shocked by the sticker, they love it. as is often the case, i come out somewhere in the middle. i don't care where a stock has come from, i care where it's going to. if i think the stock is going higher, i've got to be willing to swallow my pride. that said -- for instance, the moves in walgreens or monsanto, both of which report next week, i can't take the sticker shock with thought. i think you wait for a pull back or shrug and say, you know what? those just got away without my. the best of both worlds i think is when you spot a stock that's built a base and looks like it's about to break out.
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i feel that way about the aerospace names, most of them didn't even do that well this week. now i think we're recharged. same with the banks. those are two groups that soon soon experience sticker shot. in this market, going into the second half of 2014. >> goal! >> mark in california, mark? >> caller: jim, this is a jersey boy living in lay elsinore, california. >> you are living the dream. i'm living the, like, traffic. go ahead. >> caller: i just bought your book. i love it. >> thank you. >> caller: my stock is p.e. we took a big hit this week, but i tlik this stock. it reminds me of the also train that could. should i stay with it or get out of it? itches i think p.e. is fine, i like the growth, but run the son is good, but the father is
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pioneer, and i think pie fear, pxd, has more room to run. stock sticker shock, tong twist, i i say look for stocks that are just waiting to break out. a good place, aerospace and the banks, stay tuned, i'm checking out a company disrupting the food chain and answering the question -- which came first, the chicken or egg? plus the exciting conclusion to cramer's cup. stick with cramer. coming up, it all comes down to this -- the best of the best have strutted their stuff on the world stage. tonight the final competitor really heats up the competition. will making money from marijuana employ out the rest of the competition? find out when the winner is chosen, when cramer's cup, conclusion ahead. [ both ] when we arrived at our hotel in new york,
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all week with the world cup raging in brazil, i've gotten to pretend to be a sports caster, a job that i think i would have been great at in another life. >> goal! >> if i hadn't become a stole
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stock junkie, but because i am and always will be addicted to the market, here on "mad money" we've turned the world cup into cramer's cup, where i've been highlighting my favorite stocks based on in countries that look like serious competitors. tonight i'm going to declare a winner. the contenders. we kicked off the week with two dutch companies, because the netherlands team is killing it. unilever and royal dutch shell, the enorm os integrated oil company. then we moved to mexico, another team that's kicking butt -- or actually kicking ball given the niche of the game, consist laze brands that now has a huge mexican being thanks to the acquisition of the u.s. rights to coron 'and modelo last year. given the giving the company literally half the imported beer market in this country. yesterday we introduced a stock
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players from the host country brazil. since the brazilian food table is world famous, i figure they deserve tore represented by anheuser busch. the garr gant want juggernaut, and belgium, yeah, their team is doing well, too. it's time to name the final contender for cramer's cup. call this my sympathy candidate, because it comes from england. a country with a terrific team that nevertheless is now out of the running after the devastating loss to they can still vie for cramer's cup. when it comes to english stocks, given this is also speculation friday, i think i have to go with -- are you ready, skee-daddy? >> buy buy buy.
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>> gmt w pharma. yep, i'm back, gwph. as i mentioned before, it's the only legitimate medical marijuana stock seeing that new york just approved medical marijuana. i like to think of it as the real play. this is a company that takes the chemical components and rigorously runs them to clinical trials to create actual drugs. medicinal marijuana may be league with legislation in the works for 13 others. while it's an industry in this country, few doctors want to write anyone a prescription for a joint. not just because the stuff is still illegal, where the federal government is concerned, but mostly because while smoking weed may help people who have cancer or glaucoma, it's simply not what most doctors would consider medicine. in this country prescription drugs need to be approved by the food & drug administration.
6:26 pm
without their approval, you have no idea what the risks or side effects might actually be or even the quantity or quality of the cannabis in each joint or dime bag or what have you? i remember when they called it a nickel bag. who says madam fed chairman there's no inflation. this stuff isn't uniform, and that will keep it from ever really being safe in the fda's eyes, so forget about it. no companies in country can make it because it's a class 1 felony. i don't expect that congress will change that any time soon, but gp pharma doesn't care. this is because it does an end run around all these issues. first of all, it's a british company and the uk has a much more relaxed attitude towards these things, which means they can grow all kinds of strains to go, and they can go harold and kumaro there. the government has no problem with it, because it is a legitimate pharmaceutical company.
6:27 pm
second, they're conducting real clinical trials, on the chemicals that have beneficial properties, and beyond that they've gotten approval for their lead drug, a mouth sprays for multiple sclr roses spasming. in about 25 countries like canada, germany and spain, and of course the uk. thanks to this, the company does have a nice consistent revenue stream. now, gw is also studying it as for cancer pain. this could be huge for the company, because they've licensed form of the overseas rights to bayer and novartis, if you can get fda approval, it would be worth more than $400 billion in peak sales, and some believe it would be a multibillion dollar worldwide. it's the paydirt is the u.s. that said, the real game changer here is emgw's pharma cannabis,
6:28 pm
for treatment of epilepsy and a the drug is currently starting phase 2 trials, but most importantly, we got some terrific safety and efficacy data from the proof of conaccept trials. 48% of patients say at least a 50% reduction. remember, these are young children, while 41% say a reduction, and 16% were seeshual free. these are fabulous results. they also tested the drug on nine patients with the syndrome, the rare orphan condition, and they averaged 52% reduction in seizures frequent sill, with the third of them being seizure free by the end of the study. these are phenomenal results. this data changes to a situation
6:29 pm
where there could be real numbers and because engineer ray syndrome is a rare condition, it could be orphan drug designation, which means they could charge insanely high prices. it will be years before this drug can be approved, if it even gets approved. gw pharma announced a secondary offer to say, my god, you put me in -- hey, listen, they these secondaries have been the launching pad. the last time they did one was in january, and the stock is up 135% since then. it's already um five bucks since yesterday, and a victory lap is deserved for the ceo. in case you're worried about
6:30 pm
investing in medical marijuana, let me tell you the two major firms have endorsed this stock. so, yes, i lie gw pharma as my speculative english team for the cramer cup. they certainly did better than the actual team. but who wins the cup? here is the bottom line as much as i think they move on to the next round, who actually wins the cramer cup? remember, i think all these stocks are buys, but royal dutch, unilever, but i'm crowning constellation brands as the winner. why? constellation is a booming beer business with corona and modelo. i think a major dealing in this space would be imminent. ahead of wednesday's meeting, and i think it's bag they ahead a deal might be in the worst.
6:31 pm
they never go from sell to hold unless they believe something is afoot. they might have to cut the different. but it would be fantastic for constellation, simply because any consolidation in the beer space will help all the incumbent players, so constellation brands wins the competition even though as i think -- it should be bought on any weakness. can i go to don in ohio? don? >> caller: hi, jim. >> don. >> caller: i have a small position in johnson & johnson and a small position in pfizer. i want to make one of them a core holding in my roth i.r.a., which would be the best -- >> that's an easy call. johnson & johnson. this is a core position in my charitable trust. you know what? we should go to sam in illinois. sam? >> caller: hey, jimmy boo-yah, how are you? >> real good. how about you?
6:32 pm
>> caller: thanks for all you do. you've taught me well. thank you, then i've doing the right thing. >> caller: even before the big biotech sell-off that we had this year, we've had nothing but good news from pharma cyclics, even before that. think couldn't catch a bid. they've been hammered. what do you think? >> i think this is a great buy. i've always phet that j & j could do great things with them. i think you use the weakness to buy. the little guys, my favorites remain isis and seattle genetics. they're really not that small, but they are the ones i like. well played by all, but unilever, royal dutch and gw pharma are all left behind by constellation brands. still ahead, the company that could make you rethink everything you know about breakfast, lunch and dinner. find out what disruptive newcomer hampton creek foods means for the future of the food
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frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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this week cnbc unveiled its annual disruptor 50 list.
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a collection of venture-backed private companies shaking up the stats tuesday quo and have the potential to be takeover companies. last year's class included twitter and nest, just to name a few. coming in at number 36 on this year's list is hampton creek. you may recognize them from a "power pitch" segment. hampton creek has answered the age-old question, what came first, the chicken or the egg. it's developed a plant-based egg substitute that's caught the eye of some big names, including bill gates, an investor. yesterday i got a chance to sit down with josh tetra, the founder and kreismt off of hampton creek. take a look. welcome to "mad money." how are you, sir? >> great to be here. >> you have a pretty bold claim, the pursuit of making eggs obsolete?
6:37 pm
>> that's right, and it's even bigger than that. it's making healthy food more affordable. it comes from my whole life i was raised with a dad who i could never, ever convince to eat healthy food, could never inns convince to eat sustainable. he wanted something quhaep and delicious. we think if we were just starting the food system from scratch, we would figure out ways to do with it. it won't end there, but that's the platform we start with. >> we've been giant supporters of white wave, because we believe in plant-based foods, one of the reasons, hygiene, health, they don't go bad. i see investors that would also care. china has a gigantic egg business. the one thing i know, they go bad, they make people sick. i goal salmonella, one of the most devastating moments. half a billion eggs recalled.
6:38 pm
yum's profits first quarter last year took a 20% dive. we think we can just do it better. for us, and this mine differ, we are doing this not for people who are interested in a vegan diet, we think this can transform the way we eat, making it easier for regular people to do the right thing. >> one of the things i'm not crazy about the vegan diet, is a lot of stuff doesn't taste good. we had a vegan thanksgiving. i tried. you know, i tried with that gravy. i love eggs. are you telling me these eggs taste like eggs? >> i'm telling you, we have a group of people that used to run data for google maps, that used to work with nobel laureates to try to deal with aids and hiv, amazing chefs that got together in one place, that have screened through all these plants, supporters leer bill gates and lee kai ching, and we've had found 15 plants out there that are not the same, better.
6:39 pm
>> what kind of plant can taste like an egg. >> we have a varietal sore gum. we work with farmers in the u.s. sorgh sorghum, and we have a canadian yellow pea, and we have a screening platform. for us, we're less a food company and more a technology company that's pioneering food, and it's a way of doing it differently. apple reinvented the phone, google did with information. we think differently about food. how in the world will we feed 9.5 people unless we radically think different. >> >> all non-gmo, not synthetically engineered. this is saying the world got addicted to soy and corn. we got really addicted to it, but the problem with soy and corn -- economics. they're very thirsty, and 70% of the costs of every egg comes from the feed.
6:40 pm
that's just inefficient. we think we can do it differently. even if you didn't care about the environment or food safety, capitalism would say you should do it a different way. >> this is the most disruptive technology. frankly we're not used to food and technology. you know, which came first, the chicken or the egg? now we know those two are ahead of you. is this the type of thing you expect whole foods would adopt? all the supermarkets? would we go into a sandwich shop and suspect that the mayo is this, because we know we get sick from mayo that's been outside all day? >> this is our point of view. healthier food should be accessible to everyone, which is why nonthe top selling -- wee blowing it out in costco, we're in safeway, we're even launching, jim, with a dollar tree. this for us is about accessibility. this for us is about saying that good food shouldn't just be for people that make over six figures, the way to solve the
6:41 pm
problem is actually solving the procedure for everyone. would i be able to 26d. >> this is beating hellmanns 50% of the time. no cholesterol, the food safety and today we are 48% less expensive than the chicken egg. 48% expensive. >> cholesterol? >> zero. we don't need animals, we work with farmers that grow plants in open fields. we build a better world. >> doesn't break like eggs. >> doesn't break, either. >> now i'm in china hearing you, and i know the chinese have a horrible food chain. we all now that. are they sitting there, saying this is it for us? would they know the difference? i'd love to see if i can taste
6:42 pm
the difference. >> i'm going to scramble -- >> will it taste like the eggs my father -- >> feel free off some cookie dough. in china we laujed in park and shop, one of the largest trending items on some of the china's search engines in the last week. people in china see where the future is. people in american see where the future is. this is one plant. no salmonella in here, and we can see this unleashed on the world, and we just think the world needs something healthier. the world needs to figure out a better way to feed people. >> these are people that are hoping one day there will be an event like an ipo. obviously if i honestly if you
6:43 pm
were unilever, i would try to buy you now ahead of that. would you rather by a division of unilever or your own company? >> we've gotten a few acquisition offers, and for us this is being being independent, and standing tall and changing the world. >> you don't have any taylor ham, do you? >> the producer may have some in the back. >> wait, and my executive producer has produced pepper. she knows how i like things. >> keep in mind, jill, this is an early prototype. this is special for "mad money" here. [ laughter ] >> hey, why don't you try it first. >> okay. i'll take that. >> sheath, ma-- shoot, man, it'!
6:44 pm
stay with cramer. that's josh tetrick. on the interrupters 50 list. my mother said never talk with your mouth full, but this is too good. sorry, ma. stay with cramer. in a world that's changing faster than ever, we believe outshining the competition tomorrow requires challenging your business inside and out today. at cognizant, we help forward-looking companies run better and run different - to give your customers every reason to keep looking for you. so if you're ready to see opportunities and see them through, we say: let's get to work. because the future belongs to those who challenge the present. i make a lot of purchases foand i get ass. lot in return with ink plus from chase.
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it is time, time for the lightning round. -- are you ready, skee-daddy? it is time for the lightning round. i want to start with mark in connecticut. mark? >> caller: what do you say, buddy if a husky boo-yah too you. >> we love the huskies here. >> caller: hang you for sharing. >> of course. >> caller: a twofer? prudential financial services? >> what a stock. geez, i wish i had been more aggressive. let's go to ron in california. ron. >> caller: hi, jim, what do you think of kite realty group? >> you know what, i'm not going to go to kite when i have federal realty. that's what i want. how about adam in way.
6:48 pm
>> caller: i followed your show since i was only 15. i like to thank you for all the hard work. >> that's why i did the college shows. i knew people would grow up and be great investors. what's up? >> caller: the stock i'm interested in with a big rally, what do you think of global star? >> oh, man i'm looking at the -- i think you have a real winner there. i think the gsat is a real deal. i like it more than -- let's go that andrew in alabama. andrew? >> caller: crepe, good old southern boo-yah. >> sweet home, partner. what's going on? >> caller: jamana and global general. >> i think the gold stocks have had a big run. if i'm going to buy a gold stock, i like rand. let's go to chris. >> caller: hey, jim, big boo-yah down here in tampa. >> yes. >> caller: ultra-againics
6:49 pm
pharmaceuticals? >> ultra-againics does orphan drug. when they have those situations, remember ever since i dentics, we've been isis and seattle. that concludes the lightning round. i want to start high vaca with a rum chada. they make homeowners and homeless -- bp bp. >> can we see "american greed" behind us? want me to say something better off after. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere, and i promise to try to find it just for you [ bleep ]. >> why do i have the bad up for "american greed"? [ bleep ]. >> something fell. >> a pair of remodeling criminals left houses in ruins
6:50 pm
tonight on an all-new "american greed." take that! yes, we will address the 17-pound catalog,ened i had to go with the chiropractor with what's everything on the table with restoration hardware, anded table is very, very expensive. ♪ ♪ people like the jersey or not? >> even we recognize the importance of the world cup in cramerica, where countries from all over the world are currently clashing in brazil, to see whose team will be the next world champion. that's why all week there's the world cup, and then perhaps more importantly, there's cramer's cup! this is a "mad money" red carpet. our props department is second only to cable access channel 36.
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i don't consider america to be a serious contender. it's just not a sport. to my -- i knowed game is called football, though i was a tremendous albeit somewhat competitive coach of girls ages 4 to 12. stick with cramer! friday night, i cannot think of a better night to have a r rumchata. stick with cramer! five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app.
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with the s&p above the 1900 level, dow approaching 17,000, many are questioning how much higher can these averages run? and how can you keep making money when the market decides to take a breather? the answer, my friends, is diversification. this market may have you excited and it is a terrific place right now, you know that, but it's vital that you don't keep all your eggs or plant-based eggs in one basket. that's why i play my favorite game "am i diversified?" bill in vermont, you are our first caller. what's up? >> caller: thank you, jim. thank you for all your help i've just finished the last of
6:55 pm
actually three books, and some of my companies are the ones you suggested. thank you. >> that's fantastic. i'm glad we are simp pat ko in the names. >> apple, amazon, netflix, priceline and gilead. >> okay. now what we have here, we actually have a lot of high flyers, so i'm going to be tough here, because bill knows i like all these. still trying to get my arms around the netflix valuation. we have biotech, tech, let's call this travel, and we can call amazon retail? yes, and netflix entertainment, but recognize these stocks all trade together, and diversification says you need something that's more bristol-myers like, a little more, let's just say intel-like, and a little less high flyer. david in florida, david? >> caller: how are you doing, jim? >> not bad, david.
6:56 pm
how are you? >> caller: i'm doing great, it's friday. exactly right. i have five stocks here bank of america, general electric, sprint, at&t, and bristol-myers. >> oh, boy, some of my old favors here. bristol-myers, you know we like that company, at&t, we like telco, good yield. sprint, we're going to have to take profits in sprint and we're going to go bring in -- let's bring in a -- i want to bring in aetna, and ge, i'm begging you, just walk away, jeff immelt, you don't need this kind of headache. and stick with cramer.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
another week, another series of record highs. let's understand each other. on the one hand, a possibility of oil spiking, that is what could roll back the market. on the other hand we've got some earnings and a great analyst meeting, by the way, molson, i think, remember the symbol, t.a.p., i think that may be a
7:00 pm
good place to see. congratulations to justin on the arrival of little mason and jackson, newest members of the "mad money" family. i promise to find a bull market i promise to find a bull market for you right here on "mad >> the following is a cnbc original production. >> it may be the most recognizable brand on the planet -- coca-cola. >> the heritage of this company is equal to none. there is nothing as global as coca-cola in the world. >> a $67-billion empire... sold in 206 countries... enjoyed in every house... and we mean every house. found in the most remote corners of the globe, melissa lee reports on the brand with a buzz. >> there was a wee bit of cocaine in the original coca-cola. >> and it's more than just coke. >> zico is 100% pure coconut water. >> 500 different brands to satisfy st


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